Sparrow Mobile
Together with Mother Tool, a desktop mobile is as a reminder of simple joy and delight. Featuring sparrows, it serves as a homage to the birds of Singapore. They sway and flutter whenever there is a light breeze; a common scene of the birds flying free under the sun or seeking shelter from the monsoon season.
Presented by Supermama
Curated and Designed by in the wild
Photographs by Jotham Photography
Lighting Design by Petrina Dawn Tan (assisted by Liu Yong Huay)
Movement concept by Goh Shou Yi, Jackie Ong and Lynette Lim
Fabrication: koala manufacturing
Sound design: Dong by Nôze
Event Videographer: Raphael Ong
Event Photographer: Aaron Low, Christopher Sim
With support from Gillman Barracks
As part of Singapore Art Week
Museum of My Mind
A collaboration with Hakoyoshi Kiribakoten Co, the wooden boxes come in four sizes with lacquered sides in bright colours.

This storage system is a physical manifestation of our memories and an archive of our identity. Through the ways we choose to use the boxes and what we store, we are able to have a glimpse into the deepest recesses of our minds.