Drawing factors from elements of ergonomic design, which has always been concerned with the understanding of interactions between humans, applying theory, principles, data and methods to design optimal human well-being. NTU's Master of Science in Applied Gerontology passes on those same mentalities to its students who study the social, cultural, psychological, cognitive, and biological aspects of ageing – empathising with different perspectives.
Client: Nanyang Technological University
Design: Clara Yee, Miki Charwin
Photography: Juliana Tan
Copywriting: Tan Jia Yee, Teo Dawn

The concept creates a visual style that retains the formality and credibility of the academic nature of the course while introducing a modern and genuine voice and visual language into the mix by breaking the grids together with playful typography to reflect the refreshed branding.

Alongside their latest key visual that will be used for their latest admissions collaterals.