Commissioned by National Arts Council as part of Singapore Design Week, Off Cuts Teahouse is a place of meeting and contemplation in cosmopolitan Singapore, in this teahouse made entirely out of recycled and repurposed plastic, steel and wood off-cuts.

A teahouse made of offcuts under the shade of a tree
Client: National Arts Council , Singapore Design Week
Design: Clara Yee, Cy Kim, Gerald Leow, Miki Charwin, Patrick Khoo
Tea Sommelier: Kenny Leong
Video & Editing: Jai Rafferty
Photography: Miki Charwin

The teahouse is made in the same size of a HDB Bomb Shelter – a consistent unit across the island. Enter the space, brew a cup of tea and contemplate nature through a single window and the urban city through the other.
Kenny the tea sommelier sits within the Off Cuts Teahouse on the recycled plastic terrazzo floorA view through a gap in the plastic screen, at a ceramic cup on the table