Enter an architectural space to unveil the art and life underneath Singapore’s concrete jungle. Singapore: Inside Out Tokyo is a curation of creatives based in Singapore and Japan exploring the fluidity of cultural phenomenon and national identity through a range of arts.

Tackling cultural trends while refreshing international perceptions of Singapore, the three chapters of the exhibition chart the journey of the visitor from first impressions (Arrival) to urban phenomena (Encounters) to cultural influences (Departure) that inspire new modes of expression.

A complete journey that will change you and preconceived notions when you get to the end.
Known as two of the world’s most technologically advanced places, or "hyper cities", Singapore and Tokyo share commonalities such as futuristic architecture, vertical gardens, and digital screens.

Natural and digital worlds merge and generate new realities, where nothing is constant and everything moves at the same time. Each micro-world is both vast and contained, dynamically transforming the human experience at an unprecedented pace.

Amid this state of flux, how do the temporary and permanent inhabitants of these new worlds define their own experiences?
HyperCity - where everything exists at the same time and nothing is constant.
Organised by: Singapore Tourism Board
In Association with: Passion Made Possible
Creative Consultant: Super and Co
Creative Direction: Clara Yee / in the wild
Creative Producer: Tan Jia Yee
Project Assistant: Stephanie Boon
Programming and Artist Liaison: Sheere Ng
Lead Designer: Miki Charwin
Designers: Priscilla Tan, Ella Zheng
Architectural Design Assistant: Moe Atsumeda
Architectural Advisor: WASAA Architects & Associates
Tokyo Coordinators: Kensuke Fujishiro, Eri Shimomukai